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The Metal by Example Book is Now Available!

Metal by Example is now a book! You can buy it here as a DRM-free PDF.

Since I started this site, I’ve been wanting to turn Metal by Example into a book. Although the blog format is good for quickly publishing techniques one at a time, a book is necessarily a more cohesive experience. For the past month or so, all of my energy has been directed at revising, rewriting, expanding, and editing my Metal content to turn it into a book.

Of course, this project would never have been possible without you, the reader. Thank you for your support over the last year.

If you want to support the work I’ve done here and benefit from the more streamlined, consistent experience of the book, please consider buying it. Thanks again!—Warren

Update (September 13, 2016): Thanks to everyone for the support over the past year! The book is now available on a pay-what-you-want basis. A lot has changed in the world of Metal since I started writing two years ago, and it doesn’t make sense to keep charging full-price for this material, some of which has grown out-of-date. I hope even more people can find it useful, even as it ages, now that price isn’t a factor.

Image Processing Metal Performance Shaders

Metal Performance Shaders in Swift

What is the Metal Performance Shaders Framework?

Announced at WWDC 2015, the Metal Performance Shaders (MPS) framework is a collection of high-performance image filters for iOS 9. Each filter in the library is an efficient black-box implementation of a common image processing task: blur, edge detection, convolution, etc. One useful trait of Apple’s black-box approach with the framework is that Apple can improve the implementation of these filters as new hardware becomes available, and users of MPS can avoid having to code them from scratch.

Download the sample project here.